Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beautiful Butterflies

Butterflies intrigue me. I love their infinite glory. How light and free they must be!


"You can chase a butterfly all
over the field and never catch it. But if
you sit quietly in the grass, it will come
and sit on your shoulder."


"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was
over, it turned into a butterfly."


"To make a wish come true,
whisper it to a Butterfly.
Upon these wings it will be taken to
heaven and granted, for they are the
messengers of the Great Spirit."
~Native American Legend


A tiny egg placed on a leaf, warmed by the sun, produced
a tiny caterpillar. As it ate the leaf, it grew rapidly, it's outer
skin became hard, and crusty. It would have to shed that
crust to grow any further
One day, miraculously, two silken strands, hardened by the
air, flowed from its head. The strands totally encased the
worm and the branch it was on, it became a silken cocoon.
After a time of incubation, it broke out of the silken case.
And even more miraculously, nature witnessed the second
birthday of the little worm. Behold! The little worm was a
beautiful butterfly!
This is what must happen to you. You were born once, nourished,
and you grew. As we all taste of life too freely, sin forms a
crusty shell around the heart. It has to be shed if you are
to grow any further - spiritually....
But if the seed of God's Word (the Bible) is planted in the
silken fibers of your soft, receptive heart, and it incubates,
something miraculous happens in you - understanding. Then you
will grow in the knowledge of Who and What Jesus Christ is!
Heaven and earth will witness your second birthday, when you
accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.
Behold! A new spiritual you will emerge - a new creature in
Christ - born again spiritually, by God's Word, to tell others
about this miracle that has happened to you.
Go and be a butterfly!
~Author Unknown


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  1. I've always been really into butterflies- since I was way younger. But ever since Mariah Carey went crazy with the different butterfly designs (tattoos, earrings, clothing, etc.)- the symbol and meaning just faded.

    Boo! :(